Types of Licenses

Teacher working with student at microscope

If you want to be a teacher, administrator or support person at an Illinois public school (or recognized nonpublic school), you need to have a professional educator license (PEL).

Initial Licensure

Your initial teaching PEL will have at least one endorsement, which reflects the grade levels and subjects you're authorized to teach. NIU offers programs that lead to initial licensure in several endorsement areas. Learn more about initial licensure.

Advanced Endorsements

You can obtain advanced endorsements in order to further your career or add areas of specialization. NIU offers several programs of study, most at the graduate level, that lead to advanced endorsements. These programs require you to hold an initial PEL or a bachelor's degree.

Substitute Teaching

If you have a bachelor's degree, you can apply to be a substitute teacher. Read more about the substitute teaching license.